Luigi surprised Peach big time!

I've been working my new job along with my other one at the same time. It's tough but I have to be an adult. Luigi and I have only been talking for 2 months and we're always so busy to hang out. It's mostly me though, my 8-5 job is just too much as once it wake up early. 

Through this time away we have talked about our lives and been great friends and supporters, like always. I went on vacation this week to San Diego and I received a text from him wanting to hang out, but I was 2 hours away! I invited him to come down, almost positive he wasn't coming. Well this guy proved me totally WRONG. He told me, I'm on my way. 

In 2 hours he was with me and we just talked and said we missed each other. He's not an emotional person, but then again, neither am I, well besides on this blog. We spent the night together and just cuddled. It was so relaxing and carefree. 

Luigi surprised me by coming down and making my vacation even better than expected. Now I don't know what to think, does Luigi actually care for Peach as much as she does for him? Could this be possible?

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