Luigi and Peach

People have been talking and I'm getting paranoid. For months I've been wanting to know but I'm too scared to ask. Finally last night I say we need to talk. He seemed fine but later I found out he was freaking out. He thought we had a scare, even though it's completly impossible. I won't lie, I laughed in order to lighten the mood. I ask him, "Is there anyone else? I have to know for my drs. appointment tomorrow." Inside I thought he would lie, but he didn't, he said he would be honest and told me the truth.

"Just once, with one girl."

"Okay, ummm okay."

"Do you want to know details? Like ethnicity?"

*Laugh* "No." *Silence*

"Did I hurt your feelings?"

"No. . . it just sucks. I understand that we aren't together and you can talk to other people. I mean I do, but I only do things with you."

"Do you have a crush on me?"

*Laugh* CRUSH? What are we five?

"You know I like you, I've told you in the beginning."

"Well maybe we should stop. Still hangout and be friends."


"I just don't know what to do."

"I don't know either. You're an awesome girl. I would love if we could go out, go on a date, and go eat. But I promised myself I wouldn't have a girlfriend or date till I'm more stable."

This is all I needed to hear right here. For months I thought he actually cared for me, but the little voices from others impared my judgement. I needed varification and this little statement showed me it's there. He does care as much as I do. It's just timing is off, like always. We're growing and I wouldn't stop him and his dreams, as he does the same for me. Our friendship is solid and we came to the conclusion to be completely honest. I feel relieved and although it was scary as hell, I'm glad I got answers. And they were answers I hoped for.

For now Princess Peach and Luigi are just friends.

Maybe later they could be more, maybe not.

Let's just go for a ride on the Kart of Life.

We'll just have to watch out for banana peels and bombs. :P

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  1. charissejel

    nice.. hope for the best

    February 25, 2013
    1. unknownunderdog


      February 25, 2013