How do you explain that everyone's different?

  I'm a nanny and last week one of the little girls I take care of commented on my weight. Now I'm not the skinniest chick in the room but I'm not the biggest either. Out of shock I just told her that what she said was mean and shut her out. I wanted to teach her lesson so I discussed with her mother what I did. She wasn't in all agreement with my method and provided another way. So today I'm here with her and now I have to explain that everyone is different for a reason. And that everyone is beautiful the way they are. 

  I have a strong feeling that kids these days don't have wholesome and joyful shows to watch. The positive and moral values are gone from shows. When I grew up there was That's So Raven and 7th Heaven that showed that everyone is unique and should be completely accepted. Now it's 14 year old twigs wearing heels and saying they don't eat and somehow it's acceptable?!? I'm truly disappointed with television and how the media isn't addressing it. 

  Now I'm here trying to figure out how to tell this little girl that she's judging people without hurting her feeling. I've chosen to explain how I grew up and show her a That's So Raven where Raven says every body is beautiful to show her that this is true no matter what she sees on television.

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