Here at the wrong time?

Sometimes I wonder if I was born at the wrong time. Or even in the wrong place such as should I have been born on th east coast instead of the west? Another would be, should I have been born in the 30s so I could enjoy the 40s young and with style and turn into a sophisticated 50s wife and wow everyone with my charm like Marilyn Monroe. Curves were accepted at that time, I admire that because twigs say I'm too big, but normal people say I'm not fat- I have curves that are good. I say- shit! I did like myself until people started to shit talk about my weight. Negativity starts to have a damper on one's thoughts. I hate feeling like that, and any chance I get I make sure to tell people they are beautiful- and I never lie about it either. My niece Justine it growing up and shes pretty, but family tells her to watch her weight and how she's growing up too fast. It hurts to see that because people used to do that to me all the time. So now I make sure to let her know she is beautiful and when he gets older she will be one of the most beautiful girls later in high school and all through college. In the end, I feel like if I was born at another decade or a different area I would feel more beautiful or special. Maybe that's what I will do one day, just up and leave to somewhere different and unexpected.
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