Flaws , this is music and love



This song is raw and beautiful. It may be called flaws but there are none in this video. I sit here thinking about the guy who introduced it to me and it is just like our relationship. Just like our relationship it starts slow, you get swept away and mesmerized. Then an upbeat clap and violin causes excitement and an unexplainable rush. Then the sound of a march continues just like when we walk together. The beautiful melody continues, just like him and me, with an ohhh that calms you and makes you feel safe, secure, and how everyone wants to feel with the special someone. This is love what is here between us.

All of your flaws and all of my flaws

Are laid out one by one

Look at the wonderful mess that we made 

We pick ourselves undone 


Flaws (Abby Road)- Bastille

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